Moorlock (moorlock) wrote,

The Speed of light is slow, like a turtle

<td></td> <td>
Central Intelligence Agency
The Speed of light is slow, like a turtle
Jesus Christ goes to NR 7452 instantaneously.
Dave and PiA made themselves appear
stupid. We let everybody walk on us and
call us stupid. We are 2 of 3 Central
Intelligence Agencies. We are living a
nightmare, that's how we make more people.
You have to control everything to have
yourself nailed to a cross. We tell them
(the people we badge) C.I.A. everything
everyone is gong to do. Even tell them
where their pets will dump, and when
the fly will land. Everything in is
controlled because everything was done
before. Everyone in a cage is innocent. I
Imagined their crimes. They all need to
be set free. Their hell has been much
worse than yours. Government is a part
of hell. I gave them Diplomatic Immunity
and licenses to Kill. They Tax you. They
sell all the dope. I made them do
it. Yes The Government is the dope dealer.
Jesus Christ runs every Government We
Will Ⓐbolish to make things equal, as
in heaven. I want to make friends
with the people I've never met. I need
you to trust and love me. Jesus Christ
HÅ needs HÅ to give you everything
David Bradbury ning </td> <td></td>
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